Your Passion is Our Mission

On the surface, Arts Mission Oak Cliff is a repurposed old church.

But it's a lot more than that – as a sanctuary for artists – and a safe place to foster artistic creativity, energy, and growth for all who enter.

We invite working artists and creators to join us as coworkers to make full use of our space, which houses professional-grade equipment and services (coaches, state-of-the-art stage, dance studio, library, professional kitchen, recording studio, costuming and makeup workrooms, and various visual arts studios) at an affordable cost.

Artists in our community are also encouraged to share their experience and expertise by hosting programming of their own design, using Arts Mission’s resources. Classes are designed for different age groups, experience levels and artistic fields.


Our Values

we are inspirational, welcoming, and growth-centered

we provide high-quality programming, informed by community needs

we foster relationships between artists and provide a space for exploration

we push ourselves to try new things and take risks

We are good neighbors who seek to serve the community around us and elevate the existing culture of Oak Cliff through arts education