Verdigris Ensemble


Started by Sam Brukhman in March, 2017, Verdigris gathers the best vocal talent to present our community with thoughtfully programmed projects. Born out of a desire to see more innovation in the choral field, Verdigris thinks creatively about the way in which choral programs are presented to audiences. We present musical projects connected to specific spaces, stories, and people. Our programs take into account the full aesthetic experience of the listener and transport audience members into a performance that is more than just beautiful sound.

Verdigris seeks to actively engage new listeners by presenting concerts that allow multiple entry points to the complex music. Using narrative, staging, cross-discipline collaboration, and experiential programming, Verdigris brings the beauty of choral music to the modern audience.

Arts Mission Oak Cliff provides members with a versatile performance space in the Oak Cliff neighborhood. Their beautifully renovated performance hall, the amenities, and the community of other creatives forms fertile ground in which small arts organizations can grow.

Maggie Kennedy