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Fiverr Presents: Becoming Your Own Boss with Caroline Turner Cole


Ever wonder how the leaders of today got their start? How people have turned from thinkers into doers, kick-starting their businesses, earning more success, and flourishing throughout their hustle?

In our Fiverr Connections series, you’ll hear straight from the experts: people who have turned or are turning their dreams into reality and achieved or are achieving their goals one step at a time.

Join us on Monday, May 20th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at Arts Mission Oak Cliff to hear from writer, voiceover artist, director, and teacher, Caroline Cole. You'll learn how you can become your own boss, how to invest in yourself step by step, and how to create the job you want!

Together we’ll explore what it means to be an entrepreneur in 2019, learning new tips, tricks, and sharing stories.

About the Speaker:

Caroline Cole works as a writer, voiceover artist, director, and teacher. Her passion for literacy, storytelling, arts advocacy, and creative living help her use her voice and words to jazz up road trips, speed up long lines, and un-boring plane rides. With countless clients hiring Caroline to create unique characters and even make in-house company videos more interesting, her versatile voice can be heard all over the world from Denmark to India to LA, as well as many far-flung corners of the internet. From corporate to commercial to audio books and character work, Caroline loves telling all types of stories.

Caroline has a bachelors in theatre performance from Rice University and a masters in theatre education from the University of Northern Colorado. She’s also attended clown college, voice over classes, and improvisation conservatory – just because it’s fun! Living a creative life is all about balance, hustle, and pursuing your dreams even when they seem weird or strange or ‘too big’. Having a supportive community around you and relentless belief in yourself are keys to being a successful freelancer and staving off burn-out!