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Maria Day Dance: Jazz/Hip Hop (5-10 yrs old)


Jazz | Hip Hop (5-10 year old)

Mondays, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

After a whole day of school, this is the perfect option to remedy "the wiggles". This upbeat class is a fun fusion of getting the best of two dance styles. The beginning of class will consist of a warm-up and stretching. In the middle they will learn a mixture of skills that include leaps/turns (from jazz), as well as floor work and footwork (from hip hop). At the end they will be challenged to learn beyond current dance trends and elevate their capacity by learn high energy choreography in each class. Register now and join the fun! 

Dress Code: T-shirt, leggings, athletic shorts, socks, tennis shoes. 
Hair: Brushed/groomed hair. High ponytail, low ponytail, mini mouse buns, pigtail braids.

Drop In Price: $20.00

One time, annual registration fee annual (ONLY applies to those who are paying monthly): $25

Additional packages available.