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Since early 2019, Rachel has called Arts Mission Oak Cliff home, where she offers private coaching sessions and enjoys space for co-working as a creative business owner. At AMOC, she can also be found teaching self-development and wellness practices within the community of other Creatives who design, write and perform.

Arts Mission Oak Cliff Member and Coach Rachel Bellotti Photo Credit: Nate Johnston

Arts Mission Oak Cliff Member and Coach Rachel Bellotti Photo Credit: Nate Johnston

“As a fulltime coach with your own practice, what are you dreaming of conquering next?”

Since embarking on a completely new career path at age 32, I’m working at being completely “me” in every single moment and helping others to do the same -- it’s a dream I’m pursuing currently and probably will be for my entire life!

“Some dreams are bigger and scarier than others! Give us a taste of some of the goals and dreams that shaped you.”

I didn’t just survive cancer as a teen, but I also learned to use that experience to get curious about who I truly am. Through the healing process, I learned how universal the human experience actually is, how I deal with pain and suffering, and so much more. I also pushed myself to experiment with belief in myself in other ways:

  • Left the US and moved to another country.

  • Biked 250 km from Vancouver to Seattle in 2 days.

  • Rocked a mohawk.

  • Created a horror dance group.

“What inspired you to do these things?”

A relentless passion to experience life to its fullest, no matter what other challenges I am experiencing.

“Were you always so bold and full of belief in yourself?”

I was pretty numb for a while after having cancer. I didn't have any big life realizations about how to live a full life until many years later. Until that point, I felt lost and finally got sick enough of that feeling to try doing things differently. Sometimes it didn't work, but I kept showing up and trying because I knew what the alternative was. In hindsight, I always had this passion to live life to its fullest; I just forgot for a while and had to remember!

“Where did your inspiration to become a life and soul coach come from?”

I was introduced to an intuitive form of coaching that changed my life – it guided me to reconnect to my power and trust my inner wisdom. Now, in my own coaching practice, I hold space for other humans to do the same but in their own way.

“What makes it possible for you to believe in and pursue creative living on your own terms?”

Originally my partner was my spark and then I ran with it! I can still be scared or nervous or unsure but then I keep believing in my own inner creativity by pushing past that feeling and creating anyways. I make it a point to trust in my own weirdo ways.

Learn more about Art Mission Oak Cliff Member Rachel Bellotti and her life-transforming coaching practice on the web. To get an audible dose of Rachel at work, listen to her original podcast, The True North Collective.

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